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Leadership Session FranklinCovey Event

Senior HR Forum is pleased to support the FranklinCovey’s Leadership Session on 30 October 2017. Please see below for the event detail.
Micromanagers, workaholics, tyrants, conflict avoiders…

Every organisation has them, and most have more than they think—ineffective leaders who cost your organization millions each year in lost productivity, low morale, turnover of your best people, and failure to achieve results.


  • Only 25% of employees in Asia feel that their leaders are fully prepared for future challenges.
  • Just 43% of leaders understood how their work contributed to that of their peers or understood the organization’s performance as a whole.
  • Despite increase leadership investments, only 33% heads of HR were confident that these investments led to measurable results.

Source: CEB Research Study

Join Sue Dathe-Douglass, FranklinCovey’s Vice President & International Leadership Practice Leader, shares the latest insights on how to:

  • Understand which leadership competencies are most important—and why so many companies overlook them.
  • Build leaders of high competence and character.
  • Help your leaders empower and engage their teams.
  • Help your leaders develop critical 21st century leadership skills.

Event details:

TIME: 2:00 P.M. –  5:00 P.M.

For more details about this event:Click Here.

APAC Leadership Forum VIII: S C Storage and Headway Team Sharing

In the APAC Leadership Forum series, we are delighted to have the opportunity to invite two top leaders in Hong Kong to share their keys to success and journey in leading organizations to achieve their mission. This session will be focused on sharing practical and real life challenges, examples and cases to stimulate inspiration and learning among the audience. The event will be ended with an open discussion for participants to share their views, build on each other’s ideas and facilitate learning via interactions.

Kevin She, S C Storage, speaking at the event.

Kevin She, S C Storage, speaking at the event.

Date: Wednesday, 29th April, 2015
Time: 14:00 – 16:15
Venue: The Executive Centre @ Level 23, One Island East, 18 Westlands Road, Island East, Hong Kong

Leading a Start-up to Success: Challenges and Keys to Success in the Journey

Kevin She, founder, S C Logistics Co. Ltd.
Kevin She introduced the mini storage concept to Hong Kong, launching SC Storage in 2001. Today it is the biggest storage service provider in Hong Kong, with 18,000 rooms in 56 different locations providing a wide variety of collateral services including transportation, mail delivery and small offices. SC Storage was the first in Hong Kong to develop a chain-store/retail format, opening new outlets near MTR stations and other convenient areas to create strong brand consciousness. The company also reduced operating costs by relocating its call and invoice center to Shenzhen, opening a moving company in 2005 to provide combined moving and storage services and launching specialty bicycle storage and wine storage facilities in 2009. Starting as a one-man operation, the company has grown to more than 70 full-time employees recruited on attitude and abilities rather than experience and credentials. Kevin She believes in developing a good corporate culture, aligned with the group’s strategic goals. He sets common goals and targets for the company and individual departments, and rewards individual staff based on effort. In 2009, Kevin She won the Innovative Entrepreneur Award, he also won the Young Entrepreneur Award of DHL/SCMP Hong Kong Business Awards in 2011. He also promotes a culture of learning and sharing, and has established an education fund to help employees pursue continued education. The net result has been steady growth and positioning itself for future expansion.

Keys to Success in Driving Performance for Organizations of Varying Size

Simon Lee, Principal Consultant, Headway Team
Simon has an Education heart, Business mind, with a keen eye on Technology. Simon’s career work spans 25 years in Education ranging from policy to classroom, from camps to homes to board rooms, and pre-school to University, Simon started his own tutoring program at 19 years old. He’s served as Executive Director for 10 years for San Francisco’s Growth & Learning Opportunities, which empowers student leaders and systemic change through partnerships with schools and learning programs.
Simon also had the opportunity to assist Sara Beattie with the following key initiatives:
– Lease renewal negotiation, strategy, analysis, and planning
– Revenue & Business Development Planning in services and finances
– Business Strategy organising for HK and Shanghai Offices
– Expansion research, planning, strategy, and implementation
– Organisation structuring – including Job Descriptions, KPIs, and Organisational Chart

Additionally, Simon is an advisor for SnapAsk, an Education Mobile App Company based in Hong Kong and recent spoke at General Assembly’s Education Conference on Education Technology.

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Building a Team that Focuses Service Excellence as Priority

No business is sustainable without delivering value to customers. In service industries, this value very much hinges on the customer service experience perceived by the customers. The delivering of this value also very much depending on the people who have roles in delivering services.

Francis will explain to deliver quality customer service, the key human elements that would impact the result, and how organizations should focus at when delivering service excellence is their primary priority.

Event Details
Audience: Business Leaders, Managers and HR Professionals
Organiser: Business Exchange Club, Senior HR Forum
Supporting Organisation: The Executive Centre, eeVoices
Price: HK$450
Participants: 40

Registration: Please RSVP by sending email to dannycheung@seniorhrforum.com

Speaker: Mr. Francis Wong, Principal Consultant, eeVoices Limited

Mr. Francis Wong was formerly Cluster General Manager, Human Resources of New Territories East Cluster (NTEC) of Hospital Authority, Hong Kong. He took care of the full range of human resources functions of seven public hospitals with a workforce of more than 10,500 professional and supporting personnel. He retired from HA service in May, 2014.

Francis graduated from University of Salford in the UK where he was conferred a BA (Hons) degree in Organisational Analysis and Industrial Relations in 1982. He further obtained a Master in General Management from Macquarie Graduate School of Management in Australia. He is a fellow of the Hong Kong Institute of Human Resources Management (HKIHRM), and was a fellow of the Institute of Personnel Management (UKIPM) and a member of the UK Institute of Training and Development (ITD). Currently he is a council member of HKIHRM and is a member of the Personnel Management Committee of the Hong Kong Management Association. He is the external examiner of the HRM Diploma programmes of the Institute of Vocational Education of Vocational Training Council of Hong Kong. Francis is also currently serving on the HRM Postgraduate Programmes Advisory Committee of Hong Kong Baptist University.

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Hung Fook Tong Holding Limited Site Visit

Senior HR Forum organized a company visit tour to Hung Fook Tong Holding Limited – Herbal Tea Cultural Museum on July 20, 2012, providing an excellent opportunity to understand more about their culture and people development programs.

Since 1986, Hung Fook Tong has started their business in developing various kinds of nature herbal beverages and products. The group is now having over 100 retail stores and being a leading Chinese herbal beverage group among Hong Kong. In 2006, Hung Fook Tong Management Institute (HFTMI) was established to provide a wide range of quality training programs for their employees, including managerial and front line staff. The group effort on workplace has won numerous awards over the years. In 2011, they awarded Grand Prize under the Manpower Developer Award Scheme by the Employees Retraining Board (ERB).
During the event, we invited Miss Sonia Tsang, Human Resources and People Development Manager to share with us insightful views about staff training and engagement strategies among their workplace. Over 30 HR professions participated in it. During the visit, Sonia shared her views on bringing joy to work by caring and motivating individuals to recognize their potentials.

Leadership Series II – Speak with Power and Confidence


If you or your staff have ever left a meeting or a sales presentation thinking,

“It could have done better,” or “the next time they ask me that question, I‘ll say……..”.

Then, how can HR personnel help the young executives to get their audience back – whether their audience is one person or one hundred.

“Speak with Power and Confidence” is a comprehensive coaching to giving your staff the communicative edge- the advantage in every situation from the speaker’s podium to the conference room.

The art of masterful communication is now a greater challenge than ever.  Today you must function in multiple areas:  the boardroom, the TV studio, and at road show.  This coaching will give you the information and specific tactics you and your staff need – not just to survive, but to prosper in all public-speaking scenarios.

Learning Objectives 

Through this workshop, participants should be able to:

  • Grab the attention of any audience
  • Deliver presentations that help you close a sale
  • Convey a positive, professional image in any business event
  • Able to identify the main enemy of a presenter


Who Should Attend?

Male and female executives

If you need to make “Effective Sales Presentations”

Need to conduct successful meetings

Whoever wants to improve his/her communicative power

 About the Speaker

Over a decade, Jeannette held senior management positions with a range of multinationals, including Pricewaterhouse Cooper, Baker Mckenzie Solicitors and Merrill Lynch, at which she was the Vice President of Corporate Services in Asia Pacific Region.

Her corporate clients profile include, Pricewaterhouse Cooper, Deloitte, Accenture, Atkins, Maersk, McCann Erikson, TCL, Nokia, Shanghai Electric, Sinochem, Atlas Copco, Nova Nordisk, Sinopharm, Nestle, Shanghai Testile. Ms. Ho has a strong presence on the speaker’s circuit where she shares her expertises with the student of MBA and EMBA of Beijing University, Tsinghua University, Fudan University, Cheung Kong Business School and CEIBS.

The Secrete of Building a Winning Sales Team

On 28 August, 2010, Senior HR Forum supported Graval with a workshop for C-Level Officer, Business Unit Head, HR Director and Sales Director.

The Workshop Facilitator is Tony Lee. He provided the participants with the skills to build up a winning sales team.

Tony Lee is a prominent member of the Wilson Learning China consultant team, he is also a facilitator of Graval Limited. Tony possesses over 19 years of experience in solution selling, human performance consultancy, professional facilitation & coaching.

The workshop was in a great success that participants the following: how a sales manager recognize effective sales management involving supporting salespeople in executing the entire sales process; and how he can provide leadership to their sales team through their leadership character and by balancing the four leadership roles: Visionary, Tactician, Facilitator, and Contributor.

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