Employee Engagement

Trends and Challenges of Talent Development in Asia

This session will uncover the disparity between employees with high and low manager talent, and how a strengths-based approach to people development is gaining popularity as an effective means of attracting and retaining talented leaders, managers and employees in the Asian region.

Gallup-Certified Coach & Strengths Ambassador for Hong Kong, Joseph Palumbo, will also share findings from a recent employee engagement study on keys to developing senior leaders in the region.

Following the keynote presentation, Mr. Palumbo will moderate an expert panel of HR, Learning & Development Leaders and Executive Coaches to discuss and see how each sees Employee Engagement and Talent Development in their organizations and in the region.

During this session, participants will learn:

– the state of employee engagement in Asia
– best practices in driving employee engagement
– the prevalence of great managers and the disparity between that and how many are currently in managing roles
– findings from the employee engagement study on keys to developing senior leaders in the region
– the effectiveness of taking a strengths-based approach to people development on employee engagement

This event is co-organized by: Business Exchange Club and Senior HR Forum on September 30, 2015.

Gallup-Certified Coach & Strengths Ambassador for Hong Kong, Joseph Palumbo, chairing the panel at the event.

Gallup-Certified Coach & Strengths Ambassador for Hong Kong, Joseph Palumbo, chairing the panel at the event.

Talent Acquisition Trend 2015

On July 31, 2015, Senior HR Forum has hosted the Talent Acquisition Trend event with Business Exchange Club with a focus in employer branding, orientation, coaching and how HR could work as a business partner in an organization. In this session, several reputable trainers and coaches in the Hong Kong region were invited to share their views:

– Carole Lewis, Executive Coach, Professional Certified Coach, ICF
– Lily Ting, Lumières
– Manfred Lau, Graval

A discussion was also facilitated with attendees from the hospitality, retail and financial industries discussing their key challenges and keys to success in attracting and working with Generation Y.

Best Practice in Building a Proactive Workforce in Service Industry

To compete and win in today’s competitive marketplace, building up a proactive workforce that would always go an extra mile in every possible way to add values for our customers becomes a key determining factor for success in the service industry. On May 13, 2015, we have invited a series of speakers to share with us the keys to success in screening, selecting, training and leading a proactive workforce.

Session I: Screening and Selecting a Proactive Workforce in Servicing Role – eeVoices
Session II: “Be Proactive” in Taking Servicing Role – FranklinCovey Division
Session III: “Training and Leading a Proactive Workforce – inSkin Aesthetic Solutions, Philip Wain

Alan Lai, Operations Manager, inSkin Aesthetic Solutions, Philip Wain, sharing at the event.

Alan Lai, Operations Manager, inSkin Aesthetic Solutions, Philip Wain, sharing at the event.

Enhance Talent Engagement – Treating Employees Like Customers!

Learn what firms are doing to enrich their employee experiences, increase engagement and treat them as they do their valued customers and clients.

Event Information

Date: May 23, 2014
Time: 2:30 – 5:30 pm
Venue: 5/F, Core F, Building 3, 100 Cyberport Road
Price: Complimentary Invitation Only
Transit to Cyberport: Http://www.cyberport.hk/en/offices/tenancy_getting_here


Speaker and Topic Information

The Case for Enhanced Engagement and Treating Employees Like Customers!

greg.jpgGreg Basham, BA, MBA – Chief Executive Officer, eeVoices limited

HR and business leaders know that their greatest success comes when they are working strategically and where their organization has highly engaged talent delivering on the promise of their brand. The paradox for business today is that things are changing so rapidly and delivering sustained sales and revenue growth by focusing on the customer only goes so far. Surveys show that leaders know what needs to be done but they are challenged to find time and resources.

Greg Basham is a founder and CEO of eeVoices Limited – a provider of preemployment screening and reference check services, exit interviews and employee engagement services. His prior career included an executive roles as Vice President & Officer with one of Canada’s largest P&C insurers as well as leading a restructuring of the police and community services for the Vancouver Police and a city’s first Municipal Social Planner.

Get into the Act – Theatre-based Communications Training

dave.jpegDave Andrews, Founder and Managing Director, Chunky Onion Productions Limited

The moment we enter the workplace we all step onto a stage. Whether doing a sales presentation, conducting a staff evaluation or asking the boss for a raise – It’s “Showtime”. Perhaps communications training should embrace this reality. If your company is looking for a highly-experiential, interactive and effective training delivery technique, Theatre-based Communications Training could be the answer.

Find out how professionally trained actors as communications workshop leaders can help you deliver impactful training.

David Andrews is founder and managing director of Chunky Onion Productions Limited, a Hong Kong based theatre company engaged in staging theatre performances, providing corporate entertainment and event management services and leading theatre-based communications training workshops.

Cultivating an Appreciative Culture for Organizations – Why and How?

danny.jpgDanny Chan, Chief Praise Maker | Praisage

It was while studying in Australia and supporting himself through part time work in customer service positions that Danny came to experience and realise the physical and psychological challenges of working on the front-line of business, as well as the power of both complaints and appreciation.

After returning to Hong Kong in 2001, Danny was engaged in a variety of roles across diverse industries ranging from tourism to branding, and from people development to public relations. But at the heart of his work lays a deep and sincere commitment to serve and support people.

It was at the age of 32 that Danny made a profound and remarkable decision that would radically alter the direction of his life. In response to what he experienced as an emerging corporate culture dominated by complaint driven reactions, he committed himself to developing a platform through which he could champion and promote a somewhat contradictory culture of praise and appreciation, and lead a transformation in organisational behaviour.

A practical approach to work-life balance solution for Hong Kong’s workforce – without using valuable internal resources

sam.jpegSam Lau, Managing Director, Total Loyalty Company

Sam Lau was the originator of “staff club outsourcing” in Australia 1n 1995 and now heads up the team in Hong Kong, delivering solutions that work specifically for the HK workplace. Clients who have implemented the Total Loyalty Company’s innovative approach include American Express, CBRE, National Australia Bank, Pepsico, Sony Pictures, and many others. He will take us through a few case studies on how such solution is not just a “nice to have” service but a key part of the HR team for their clients.

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Employee Engagement and Wellness Luncheon Seminar

Organized by the Business Exchange Club, the Employee Engagement and Wellness Luncheon Seminar was held on 6th of March, 2014 at Two Exchange Square in Central. The key theme of the seminar was to share the main tips on how to develop engaged and healthy employees in order to build up a more productive team. Two professionals in the corresponding field discussed the latest best practices in creating an engaged and healthy workforce.

Engage Your Talent with the Latest Best Practice
Greg Basham, BA, MBA – Chief Executive Officer, eeVoices Limited, led the human resources development group for one of Canada’s largest property and casualty insurers where his group pioneered leading edge concepts in organization development, performance planning and review, leadership and training. His success led to the executive suite where as Vice President with the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia he held a unique mix of executive responsibilities including: government relations, corporate policy, strategic planning, customer fairness and complaints, freedom of information and privacy, Ombudsman Investigations, internal audit, leadership development and youth road safety.

Prior to this Basham served as Project Director led a reorganization of the Vancouver Police Department and authored “A planning, implementation, and organization theory guide to the team policing model” published in 1977, by the Ministry of the Attorney‐General (Victoria, B.C). He taught evening courses in organizational behaviour and management at the British Columbia Institute of Technology for 13 years. Basham served three terms as a Governor of Simon Fraser University and was elected three times to the University Senate and four times as President of the Alumni Association. He has been a member of university administration search committees and an external evaluator of Presidential performance. At his undergraduate graduation, he was awarded the Chancellor Shrum Gold Medal for high academic standing and outstanding devotion to Simon Fraser University. In 1990, he was awarded the Silver Anniversary Award of Distinction and in 2005 in honour of the university’s 40th anniversary was named by President Michael Stevenson as one of the university’s top 40.

Corporate Wellness Best Practice and Tips for Creating a Healthy Workforce
Dr. Joseph Wong received his Honors Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Toronto, Canada. His major was in Molecular Genetics and Molecular Biology. After earning his first degree, he decided to continue his study, not in Medical Genetics, but in Chiropractic Medicine. Chiropractic is a hands-on health care profession. We do not need to use drugs or performs surgery to treat people with musculoskeletal diseases. He entered the Southern California University of Health Sciences, Los Angeles College of Chiropractic in September, 2001 and graduated with the degree of Doctor of Chiropractic in April 2005. After obtaining his degree, he continued in his post graduate study in Pediatric Chiropractic. He earned his F.I.C.P.A. (Fellow International Chiropractic Pediatric Association) at the end of 2005. Dr. Joe came back to Hong Kong after graduation because he knew that people in Hong Kong really need to know the benefits of Chiropractic care. He opened his own Chiropractic centre in 2007. Dr. Joe has given many seminars and health workshop on spinal care, sport injuries, pediatric spinal care, and corporate wellness to sport teams, companies, charity and elderly homes. He will continue to promote chiropractic and the benefit of a having good spine to everyone in Hong Kong.

He is currently the medical consultant for the Hong Kong government discipline services such as the Junior Police Officers Association, the Customs Officer’s union, the Immigration Service Officers Association, the Fire Service Department Association, the Ambulancemen Union, the Immigration Assistant Union, the Leisure Services Staff General Union, etc.

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